The St. Mark Confirmation program consists of two years of formation. In those two years, all confirmation candidates will go over the content of the Catechism of the Catholic Church in its entirety.  We have split the Catechism in two parts, Knowing the Faith and Living the Faith; and we will be reviewing one of the two each year.


Teens in their second year of formation will attend sessions on a weekly basis. Second year confirmation candidates will also be responsible for completing their Saint Project, 2 service projects, a Sacrament Form, they will attend a mandatory confirmation meeting, and participate in an assigned Confirmation Retreat. Candidates will be assigned a Confirmation Mass in which they will celebrate the Sacrament, and a mandatory Rehearsal for teens and their sponsor.


Sacramental Sessions take place in our weekly sessions, but it is VERY IMPORTANT that ALL teens in our Confirmation Program (both first and second year) are present on these 3 dates.

WHERE: Youth Center/Great Room (1105 W. 15th St.)

WHEN: Sunday: Sept. 30th, Nov. 11th, Dec. 9th (your session time)

           Wednesday: Oct. 3th, Nov. 7th, Dec. 12th (your session time)


This meeting is very important as we will be giving you information about Confirmation Retreats, Rehearsals, and Masses. The teens must be accompanied by ONE parent.

WHERE: Great Room (1105 W. 15th St.)

WHEN: Spanish: October 18th @ 7:00PM

           English: October 25th @ 7:00PM


An important part of our confirmation formation is to be acquainted with the role of the Saints in our faith life. you will  research the life of a saint. Then, on the date listed below, you will dress up as, and impersonate the saint. INSTRUCTIONS: Saint Project Letter

WHEN: Sunday Dec. 2nd (your session time)
           Wednesday Dec. 5th (your session time)


Service is a key component of our Catholic faith. Although knowing the faith and receiving formation is extremely important, it is also just as important to practice what we are taught. We are all called to serve through our baptism, and our service projects are designed to show all confirmation candidates how impactful our service can be.

WHEN: On assigned retreat date

FORM: Service Sheets


The Sacramental Form is a form that we will use to document your Sacrament. It must be filled out COMPLETELY. Information on the form includes: standard information, information about baptism, sponsor name, and confirmation (saint) name. If you have questions, don’t be shy to contact our office.

WHEN: On assigned retreat date

FORM: Sacrament Form


Our confirmation retreat is mandatory for all 2nd year confirmation candidates. You will be ASSIGNED a retreat based on your small group. Some of the activities will take place outside, so dress comfortably, appropriately and take note of the weather. You will Check in at the Youth Center at 8am and check out in the Cafetorium at 6:30pm . Lunch, snack and mass will be included.

WHERE: Drop-off in Youth Center (1105 W. 15th St.) & Pick-up in Cafetorium (1201 Alma Dr.)

WHEN: Will be assigned


Confirmation candidates and sponsor will BOTH need to be present at the assigned rehearsal  to go over the logistics of the Confirmation Celebration. Both the candidate and sponsor will check-in at the St. Mark Cafetorium.

WHERE: St. Mark Cafetorium (1201 Alma Dr.)

WHEN: Will be assigned


On this day, candidates will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. It is very important that you and your sponsor are on time as we will be on a tight schedule. Both the candidate and sponsor will check-in at the St. Mark Cafetorium.

WHERE: St. Mark Cafetorium (1201 Alma Dr.)

WHEN: Will be assigned